Pupillary Distance (PD) is required to make your glasses. You can get your PD from your optician but if for any reason you cannot obtain the PD, don't worry you can use our PD measurement tool below.  Please read our guidelines below before measuring your PD.

What is Pupillary Distance (PD)?

PD is the distance between the two pupils. PD measurement determines the ideal spot on your lenses that you will look through. It is measured in millimetres from the centre of the pupil of one eye to the centre of the pupil of the other eye.

Measure your PD by Framesfoundry

Note: Most adult PDs are between 55mm and 65mm. For bifocals and varifocals, you will need a separate PD for each eye and it is recommended that you acquire that from your optician.


Frame Foundry's inhouse optician can measure your PD for you if you can take a picture of yourself and send to us. You can take a picture using your webcam or you can ask a friend to help you take your picture using a phone or camera. Please follow the step by step instructions below:

pd image 1 pd image 2 pd image 3

Step 1 - Position Yourself

Remove any glasses you might be wearing. Make sure your face is well lit and you are looking straight at the camera. Your head position must be straight and not at an angle. Your eyes must be level with the camera.

Step 2 - Hold a credit card

Place a Credit Card below your nose. Please make sure that the back strip side of the credit card is facing straight at the camera. The card must not be tilted or skewed.

Step 3 - Take a snap

Make sure your eyes are wide open and the sides of the card are visible. The pupil of your eyes must be in focus. Now ask a friend to take a picture from a meter away. Send us an image in high resolution.